Thursday, October 30, 2014

Joseph Randle cracked jokes during police booking (VIDEO)

As if getting busted for stealing underwear and cologne wasn't funny enough, Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle tried turning his police booking into a Saturday Night Live monologue — and it didn't get a lot of laughs.

While being booked in the Frisco, Texas, city jail following his Oct. 13 arrest for shoplifting, footage obtained by CBS affiliate KTVT shows Randle cracking jokes to the unamused cops.

"If I give you $100, can you give me a massage?" Randle asked a female jail employee, who replied with a stern, "No."

Randle, who was wearing a Kramer-like white tank top and black pants, mocked his appearance for the booking mug shot.

"Take a good picture," Randle said. "I'm not about to look like I'm a criminal in this mug shot. How's my mug shot look?"

Randle also asked why height and weight weren't listed on mug shots.

"This is not a damn trading card," a male jail employee responds.

Randle — who was charged with a Class B misdemeanor after stealing underwear and a tester bottle of cologne from a Dillard's in Stonebriar Centre Mall — was also reprimanded for making an unauthorized phone call. He was heard telling the person on the line to leave the door unlocked for him.

"Do you want to get you another charge on you? Are you crazy?" a female jail employee asked, ending the phone call.

During an authorized phone call, Randle mentioned that he needed an attorney to get him bonded out so he could attend practice the next day.

Later on, Randle did express some concern about the potential consequences of his arrest.

"Hey, is this gonna be on the news, you think?" Randle asked.

Now that's gold.

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