Friday, October 3, 2014

Derek Jeter: 'I'm not trying to eliminate sportswriters' (VIDEO)

Derek Jeter was introduced on Thursday’s edition of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in a way fans have never heard before.

“We are joined right now by a media entrepreneur with a series of very interesting new projects in the works,” Fallon said. "He also used to play baseball.”

Fallon was referring to Jeter's new website, "The Players' Tribune," which was introduced Wednesday.

And contrary to how fatalists are claiming Jeter's high-profile venture could make sportswriters obsolete, the newly retired Yankees shortstop said the site isn't aimed at putting keyboard-tappers out of work.

Rather, the 40-year-old said, he's giving athletes an outlet to communicate directly with fans while not having their words twisted around.

"This is not trying to eliminate sportswriters," Jeter said. “Sportswriters are what make sports great and fun to watch. This is just another avenue for the athletes to use and express themselves."

"In this day and age," he continued, "I think athletes, they really like to share with the people, everything about them. I, personally, have not done that. And I personally will not do that. This is not about me."

Russell Wilson became the first athlete to have his work published on the site Thursday. In the highly publicized first piece, Wilson talked about how he was a bully growing up, but he changed when he found religion at age 14.

The story was all over the Internet.

Jeter — who was famous for his ability to isolate himself from the relentless New York media — added the old excuse used by many athletes and celebrities in the public eye:

"You always hear people say, ‘Well this was taken out of context,’” Jeter said. "But now it gives them the opportunity to say exactly what they want to say.”

Sounds like the project is off to a good start.

Here's a clip from Jeter's conversation with Fallon:

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