Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tom Coughlin not amused by Prince Amukamara sex theory: Report

Tom Coughlin may be softening his position with Giants players this season but, when it comes to addressing questions about the Prince Amukamara virginity theory, the red-faced coach wasn't amused and kept a hard stance.

“Stop it. I’m not answering that question,” Coughlin said, when asked about the sex theory. “Anybody have a legitimate question for me?”

Amukamara’s improvement on the field through the first four games this year has been attributed to the religious cornerback getting married in the offseason and losing his virginity.

The third-year Giant's sex life became a hot topic this week after teammate Antrel Rolle suggested that Amukamara's on-the-field swagger came from his new off-the-field work-out routine.

Hopefully, getting a rise out of Coughlin will finally put this story to bed.

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