Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hockey goon slams opponent's head into ice during AHL fight (VIDEO)

During Friday night's AHL game between the Adirondack Flames and Rochester Americans, Trevor Gillies grabbed forward William Carrier's head and bashed it into the ice.  And it might be one of the most dastardly hockey goon moves you will ever see in the rink — which says a lot.

The 35-year-old Gillies — whose NHL career spanned a whole 42 games with the Islanders during his nearly 20 year pro hockey career — grabbed the Carrier, a St. Louis Blues pick who isn’t known as a fighter, with 3:09 left to play and began pounding the the 19-year-old Americans player with punches.

Carrier finally went to the ice in an attempt to avoid any more punishment before Gillies saw fit to grab the kid by the jersey and brutally slam his head to the ice.

Carrier was able to walk away from the mugging, but let's see if it gets Gillies a suspension.

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