Wednesday, October 8, 2014

MMA fighter 'The Renegade' floored in Vegas bar fight after saying, 'Google me b****!' (VIDEO)

MMA fighter Cody Gibson might want to lay off the Internet for a while after an embarrassing incident at a Las Vegas bar the other night — because it can get you a whole lot of hurt.

The UFC fighter loudly demanded that a man Google his name as they prepared to scuffle and right before Gibson was punched in the face and knocked to the ground in front of stunned onlookers. 

Gibson, nicknamed 'The Renegade', was captured on video saying "Google me b****!" during the altercation with a much bigger dude after the two got nose-to-nose.

The 27-year-old cage fighter had already lost a fight that night, to Manny Gamburyan at UFC 178, and he found himself on the floor again after saying those famous last words.

After taking a right hook to the jaw, the two grappled but the fight was broken up before there was any more googling.

Gibson spoke of his regret about the incident the next day on Sherdog Radio. 

"When I woke up this morning, I definitely had that pit in the bottom of my stomach," Gibson said.  "Like, Holy c***. Could I be that guy?" 


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