Monday, October 13, 2014

Rugby star faces lifetime ban for punching out opponent during Grand Final (VIDEO)

It's being called the punch that has shamed the reputation of the Rugby League and, if you follow the sport, that's saying a lot.

Ben Flower apologized for the inexcusable punch deemed too violent for the game as he attempted to save his career and, some say, the reputation of the top-tier league.

In a display of shocking brutality, two minutes into the Grand Final at Old Trafford, the Wigan Warriors prop knelt over St. Helens’ Lance Hohaia — whom he had already knocked unconscious with a roundhouse — and landed a second blow to his face.

"There is no defense for my actions," said Flower. "It was something that happened in the heat of the moment when our emotions and adrenaline were running high. I instantly regretted it and am devastated that I allowed myself to punch someone like this."

There is no extent to the length of suspension Flower could face, with some calling for him to be banned for life.

Hohaia left the game as the Saints went on to win 14-6 .

Flower can probably expect an eight-game suspension but, since there is no precedent for this type of incident, it is also a possibility that he could face criminal charges, despite both Hohaia and St. Helens coach Nathan Brown stating they did not want a prosecution.

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