Friday, October 31, 2014

Jets fans start "Fire John Idzik" website: Report

After years of quarterback letdowns, underachieving players and lousy coaches, one group of Jets fans have had their fill and are directing their frustration at one single person, the current head of the whole mess — general manager John Idzik.

Four fans' disappointment with the 1-and-7 team came to a head after listening to Idzik’s rambling news conference on Monday and they decided to take matters into their own hands — or more precisely, their fingertips.

“We were so disgusted after the game on Sunday, that the last thing we wanted to hear was that ridiculous press conference,” said Jason Koeppel, one of the site’s creators.

Koeppel, along with his brother Jared and friends Matthew Wolferman and Greg Kohler called each other after Idzik’s rambling comments Monday and decided to put this site together with the goal of putting a "Fire John Idzik" billboard in the Meadowlands.

"Join other long suffering Jets fans in our quest to rid the organization of our CLOWN GM. Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase a billboard in the vicinity of MetLife Stadium and let the Jets know that their most loyal fans are demanding change. 

"Show Woody that we paid our PSL's. We put up with the massive rip-off that is MetLife Stadium and the absurd price of tickets & concessions. But we will no longer put up with John Idzik running the show." 

According to Koeppel, a 35-year-old season-ticket holder from Hackensack, fans who donate a certain amount get a T-shirt with a logo. He said it will cost around $10,000 to buy the billboard. The site had raised around $500 in the first 24 hours.

The site also has a slideshow labeled the "Idzik Hall of Shame" which highlights his biggest blunders as general manager. And, although Idzik didn't make the call, it includes a photo of T.J. Graham lying down in the end zone on the bumbled "Hidden Player" trick play during last Sunday's blowout loss to the Bills.

Koeppel is hoping the site gets contributions from other angry Jets fans before they send their specific gripes to team owner Woody Johnson.


  1. GM and Coach must go!!!!! JetsJetsJets

  2. A real mess saved Woody all that money, guess what, easy to do when you don't have any players. Seems the upper brass doesn't have a clue about talent, same thing you here every year, now we're another 2 yrs. behind. Just sickening. Clean House