Friday, October 3, 2014

Rugby players pummel streaker, then fight each other (VIDEO)

A British university rugby match took a bizarre turn after a streaker jumped on the pitch and tried to tackle one of the players.

The naked man's antics lead to the idiot getting a lively beat-down by some players before culminating with the two teams brawling with each other on the sideline.

The match between Newcastle University and Northumbria was coming to an end when the man wandered on to the pitch with no clothes on for a few minutes.

After lining up on the wing for Northumbria, he tackled a Newcastle player to the ground to loud applause at Kingston Park. 

But the incident pissed off the Newcastle players, who quickly pounced on him, and within seconds players from opposing teams started fighting too. This gave the streaker an opportunity to make a quick escape over the fence.

The fight resulted in a yellow card for Northumbria's French hooker Victor Guignouard, but they held on to win 29-10. 

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