Monday, October 6, 2014

Rex Ryan blames self after loss: 'It was me that was getting ass kicked'

The New York Jets are a wreck and Rex Ryan wants to take all of the responsibility for Sunday's crash landing.

While any one person never deserves all the blame for a loss, the abysmal 31-0 beat-down by Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers warrants lone blame said Ryan.

“First off, I apologize to our fans – those that are left,” Ryan said to start his postgame flogging presser.

 “This is on one person, and that’s it. It’s certainly not on the quarterback, on one individual that way or anybody else. It’s on me. Clearly got out-coached. I thought we had a good plan going in and, obviously that wasn’t the case.It was a complete ass whipping, and it was me that was getting my ass kicked. I think that’s where it is. It’s on one man. It’s on me. I understand what needs to be done. It’ll start with our preparation, like it always does. I thought I had my team prepared, and clearly that wasn’t the case.”

 "I've been beat before, but not like this," Ryan said.

The 4-1 Chargers dropped a lot of  pain on the 1-4 Jets, who lost their fourth straight game and even turned to Michael Vick. Vick replaced starter Geno Smith on New York's first possession of the second half, but wasn't any more effective.

Still, the Jets players had their coach's back.

"Rex is not playing," defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson said. "He can put it on himself all he wants, but as men as out here, we’ve got to do our job. We get paid to (expletive) play football.”

Sheldon Richardson added, "He can try to take the blame, but it’s us out there playing. All he’s doing is calling plays."

Ryan might feeling the Chargers boots-on-the-rear Monday morning but the real pain might come from planting himself down on owner Woody Johnson's hot-seat.

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