Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pedro Martinez entertains crowd with dance moves during ALCS 'light delay' (GIF)

There was a six-minute "light delay" before the start of the ALCS Game 1 thanks to the studio lamps above the TBS broadcast desk distracting the batters at the plate.

While the umpires and spectators stared up at the pesky lights overlooking Camden Yards, waiting for some grip or gaffer to hit the off switch, analyst Pedro Martinez took the opportunity to entertain the anxious crowd by turning on his dance moves.

And it was only apropos when the stadium sound guy punched up Journey's "Lights" as a soundtrack until the Orioles' starter, Chris Tillman, finally got to throw the series-opening first pitch.

Hey, it's better than a Superdome blackout ... I think.

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