Saturday, November 30, 2013

Robinson Cano denies asking Yankees for $300 million: Report

Whether or not you believe Robinson Cano ever asked the New York Yankees for $300 million dollars — from either side — as his opening rate to sign with the team — technically, he probably didn't.

Cano's representatives, on the other hand, might have.

The desirable free agent sounded angry Thursday when he told the Dominican Republic newspaper El Dia he never asked the Yankees for astronomical sum when negotiations began.

“No one has heard that from my mouth and never will listen, if you are going to talk about anything other than contract,’’ is the translation of what Cano said Thursday in Santo Domingo where the Dominican Republic World Baseball Classic team was honored with a ring ceremony for winning last spring’s tournament. 
 Cano went on to say in Spanish that "you’re never going to hear it." 

But the N.Y. Post reported that, according to a person familiar with the situation, Cano’s representatives, led by rookie agent Jay Z, opened negotiations during the season with a 10-year request for $310 million. It was an offer quickly rejected by the Yankees, who are the prohibitive favorite to sign the premier free agent.

The Yankees countered the $310 million offer with a seven-year pact in the $168 range. They might be willing to extend a year and the dollars but are not going to pay the 31-year-old five-time All-Star $31 million a year.

After Cano’s representatives, minus Jay Z, met with Yankees brass face to face Tuesday and chatted by phone Wednesday, the sides plan to talk again Monday. Cano’s camp came down a little, but a substantial difference remains.

Suddenly, in any language, this is getting ugly.

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