Thursday, November 7, 2013

Boston hooligans celebrate Red Sox championship with violent brawl (VIDEO)

A gang of Boston thugs celebrated the Red Sox World Series victory by sucker punching and ganging up on each other during wild brawl that turned a joyous parade sideline into shameful crime scene.

A violent and graphic video first posted by Barstool Sports shows a fistfight after Saturday’s Red Sox parade turn into an all-out melee with the bodies of unconscious  men sprawled across the pavement.

“There was at least one large brawl, and it may have broken off into two or more smaller brawls,” Suffolk County District Attorney spokesman Jake Wark told the N.Y. Daily News.

The violent and graphic video begins with two men fighting in front of a cheering crowd and quickly devolves into an unending round of cheap shots.

Combatants triple and quadruple team single fighters. They pummel and kick people who are down. A goon in a red T-shirt drags a flattened brawler toward the edge of the road, raises his foot up high and brutally slams it down on the man’s head.

“He just got curb stomped, dude,” says one of the video’s giggling narrators.

The camera shows at least four men laid out on the sidewalk. At least two appear to be out cold.

“This kid’s dead,” says one of the men behind the camera. “This kid’s dead.”

He wasn’t, according to a police report, but two people were taken to Massachusetts General Hospital.

Wark identified the cheapshot artist as Liame Browne, a 23-year-old from West Roxbury. He and Kieran Boyle, 21, of Dedham face assault and battery charges.

Officers arrested Browne and Boyle at the scene, and they’re working to identify other brawlers. Wark said they’re reviewing surveillance footage from nearby businesses and speaking with witnesses.

Browne and Boyle were arraigned on Monday. Boyle’s father told CBS Boston witnesses had misidentified his son.

“Three people pointed out Kieran as the one kicking this kid in the head, and he didn’t kick anybody,” Kevin Boyle said. “He wasn’t even in the fight.”

Boyle’s friend, Michael Zarther, told the station he was the one who started the fight outside Coogan’s bar.

“He was talking smack about one of my friends, and kind of just got me angry, so I went and hit him,” Zarther said. “It started a huge, big misunderstanding.”

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