Saturday, November 23, 2013

Southampton goalkeeper gives up easy goal on boneheaded play (VIDEO)

Southampton goalkeeper Artur Boruc's ill-advised attempt to dribble past Arsenal's Olivier Giroud went horribly wrong Saturday and left Boruc looking more like Borat.

During the 22nd minute, Boruc received a harmless back-pass with Giroud yards away, but seemed to lose his mind while dawdling on the ball. As the Frenchman approached, Boruc dribbled the ball to his left, successfully evading the striker.

But rather than kick the ball away, Boruc turned back the other way, then back AGAIN - whereupon Giroud decided he'd had enough. He snatched the ball the fallen keeper and scored an easy goal in the open net, putting the Gunners 1-0 up and on course for what would end up as a 2-0 win.

Maybe Borac should plead temporary insanity to his baffled teammates.

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