Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Soccer player saved by teammates after swallowing tongue on pitch (VIDEO)

A Colombian soccer player in a top professional South Korean league is lucky to be alive after swallowing his tongue during a match on the pitch — and has his teammates to thank for rescuing him.

Just two minutes into his side's K League match with Busan I'Park on Saturday, FC Seoul's Mauricio Molina jumped up to head the ball but was struck simultaneously with a fist and head-butt as the opposing goalkeeper attempted to punch the ball away. Molina, nicknamed Mao, was knocked out cold by the blows to his head and fell awkwardly to the ground.

Luckily Molina's teammates realized something was wrong and took immediate action.

As medics sprinted onto the pitch, Molina's teammates noticed he'd swallowed his tongue and quickly reached into his mouth to clear his airway.

The whole scene unfolded while Molina's concerned wife, Laura, and his young son watched the frightening moments from the stands.

Amazingly, Molina was able to sit up after several minutes of treatment before walking off the side of the pitch to be taken to hospital for further tests. 

Molina later told his fans he was "feeling fine" via Twitter before paying tribute to his wife and children on Monday.

Posting a picture on Instagram, Molina said: "This was the power that woke me up. My wife trying to help me and my two sons suffering in the gallery. The most powerful force sent from heaven. I love them!"

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