Monday, November 18, 2013

Weightlifter drops 545 lbs on his chest during failed bench press (VIDEO)

This is the painful moment a weightlifter dropped 545 lbs on himself during a failed bench press. 

The man, referred to as "Jake," can be seen straining as he struggles to bench press the heavy load — weighing as much as a couple of NFL tackles — into the air. 

However, he fails to sustain his grip on the weight and drops it — causing the bar to slam onto his chest.

That's  when the poor guy's female companion (who is shooting the footage) asks, "Are you ok, Jake?" — to which he replies with a series of groans. 

The video ends with the weightlifer being checked over by spotters, while a man can be heard warning: "Do not bring him up. Do not stand him up."

Despite being in pain, Jake escaped without any broken bones or serious injuries. 

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