Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NYC strip club puts winning Giants back on TVs

While the New York Giants were getting undressed by opponents for the first five games of the season, one New York City strip club apparently didn't want that type of nakedness on the TVs inside their lap dance haven.

Rick's Cabaret announced last month it wouldn't show Giants games on its high-def and big screen TVs after customers became depressed at the sight of Big Blue losing their first five contests. It was only when the G-Men finally won a game — Week 7 against the Vikings — that the club decided to put them back on the television screens.

"We're taking all the credit for motivating them to get back on the screen and winning three straight," said club spokesperson Lonnie Hanover.

He elaborated on the specific moment when the Giants were blacked out from the Midtown Manhattan club in the first place, remembering some fans decked out in jerseys who were surprisingly distracted and displeased even given their surroundings, according to NJ.com
"It was was a couple of guys who had been mean to the girls," Hanover explained. "One guy said, 'Get that off the TV, those guys are for losers, we don't want to watch anymore. It's painful.' And a manager did something about it. ... It got a lot of attention."

Hanover also reported the club's business didn't suffer while the Giants were missing from the club's television screens the past five Sundays. But the club will switch all their televisions to show nothing but Giants games when they're broadcast.

"The club is for winners," he said.

Now about those Knicks games...

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