Thursday, November 14, 2013

Adorable 5-year-old drum major leads high school marching band (VIDEO)

Lately we've been wowed by the amazing half-time formations of the Ohio State marching band but sometimes it only takes one person to make your jaw drop — one little person.

Tiny 5-year-old Taranza McKelvin made his drum major debut Saturday but not before leaving a giant impression after leading his Florida high school marching band to a crowd-pleasing performance. 

All eyes were on the pint-sized McKelvin — who is even shorter than his baton — when he led the Glades Central band on to the field for the annual high school football Muck Bowl on Saturday.

Despite performing at an event that attracts crowds of up to 25,000, Taranza looked like an old pro as he confidently strutted his stuff with the band.

"That was his debut," band director Charles Moorer told the Palm Beach Post. "And he took it and ran with it."

As expected, the little drum major took it all in stride.

 "I was nervous when I first got out into the field, but then I just performed," he said. "I love performing in front of a lot of people. It’s really exciting." 

Taranza only started practicing with the band in September, but was quick to pick up the moves recounted Moorer. 

"What was so amazing was that he would catch on to most of the steps and movements quicker than a lot of the high school students," he said.

His natural talent was evident on Saturday, as he danced, marched and strutted while blowing a whistle and wearing a white suit and burgundy cape.

"His father mentioned it last year when he was 4 and I was very, very hesitant about it due to the big age gap between him and the other students," Moorer said. 

But the band director was blown away when he saw Taranza perform.

"He did his performance and the crowd just loved it," said Moorer.

And think, it's only about nine years until Taranza is actually a high school freshman.

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