Friday, November 15, 2013

A-Rod calls in sick for Friday's MLB meeting

Alex Rodriguez's scheduled interview with Major League Baseball Friday was canceled after the Yankees third baseman told officials he was in California and too ill to travel.

A-Rod was to be interviewed by baseball officials at the Players’ Association’s Manhattan offices in advance of testifying in his arbitration hearing, which resumes Monday, according to the N.Y. Daily News.

Rodriguez was said to be recovering in California with no date set for the interview. The illness was not described as serious, but there was no indication if it would impact Monday's scheduled resumption of Rodriguez's appeal of his 211-game suspension. Rodriguez's legal team is expected to begin its presentation when the hearing reconvenes.

Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement governs any arbitration process, and it allows for baseball officials to question A-Rod about performance-enhancing drugs in the Biogenesis case.

That was supposed to happen on July 12, but when MLB’s Biogenesis investigators met with Rodriguez in Tampa, the slugger chose not to speak through a four-hour meeting, invoking the baseball equivalent of pleading the Fifth when MLB presented its case against him.

Rodriguez’s mandated pre-testimony interview, whenever it takes place, is not under oath, but if he is not truthful, he could be further punished by MLB if it determines he lied during the interview.

There were reports that A-Rod’s camp would call MLB and Yankee officials to testify. It was unclear if that would fly under the collective bargaining agreement since the CBA calls for MLB chief operating officer Rob Manfred to represent commissioner Bud Selig and other officials.

There was no immediate comment by Rodriguez's attorneys.


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