Monday, November 4, 2013

Michigan woman’s Boston Marathon bombing costume sparks outrage

A 22-year-old woman who dressed as a bloody Boston Marathon bombing victim unleashed the wrath of Internet vigilantes.

Alicia Ann Lynch posted a photo of herself wearing the bloodied Halloween costume on her Twitter account and the backlash for the insensitive costume was predictably harsh and swift, reported the website Buzzfeed.

Sydney Corcoran, who was injured along with mother Celeste Corcoran, slammed Lynch on Twitter.

“You should be ashamed, my mother lost both her legs and I almost died in the marathon. You need a filter,” she wrote.

Hundreds of other reprimands followed, but the response grew increasingly brutal from others, escalating when Web users discovered Lynch had once posted a pic of her driver’s license with her personal information.

Online commenters used the details to track down her parents’ information and spread it across the Internet.

Lynch quickly suspended her Twitter account, @SomeSKANKinMI, and abandoned other social media sites, but that did little to quell the threats.

Web users spread nude photos reportedly scraped from Lynch’s online accounts and advocated bullying, raping and killing her.

The Website Buzzfeed reported Lynch reopened her account to beg for mercy.

She claimed she lost her job, and pleaded with the online mercenaries to spare her mother and father.

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