Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jose Canseco pulled over by cops with diaper-wearing goats in his car (PHOTO)

Jose Canseco's life seems made for social media —and he's tweeted some doozies —but this one is hard to explain.

The former major league ballplayer was pulled over by police Wednesday night and — like the headline says — he had some goats in his car including one wearing a diaper.

Canseco posted a photo of one of his bleating passengers with Johnny Law's flashing lights in the background and these words:

"Just got pulled over with goats in the car. The cop laughed at our poor goats. Awesome"
He claims he was doing a documentary about "fainting goats" with his girlfriend. You figure it out.


  1. EWWW doesn't sound that awesome

  2. Hmmm a rat driving a goat... sounds about right! everyone needs a night out with the ladies!

    1. Yeh, Jose told on everyone of those deceitful clowns that tarnished the American Pastime game of baseball. Arrogant, conceited little jerks. I think Jose was right in doing what he did. If he was trying to capitalize on it, that's not acceptable. I don't think he is that bad a person. I drove from the Coliseum in Oakland all the way to the San Ramon, Danville, cut-off while he an Esther were fighting and I felt sorry for him. She was something to behold. Good for Jose. Larry Velasco, Baseball fan since six years old. Sixty two years and running. The players and owners are greedy, like most POLITICIANS.

  3. Well continue having fun on your trip Jose Canseco!

  4. GO JOSE. YOU told the TRUTH. Most of those arrogant money hungry clowns didn't. You showed some integrity at your expense. Larry Velasco