Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Young Dodgers fan tags out Juan Uribe during photo op

Juan Uribe has been taking a lot of ribbing since falling for the old hidden ball trick the other day against the Rays. After the third baseman got caught napping and called out for taking his foot off the bag, his teammates gave him a shoe taped to a base as a gag.

Last night even a young Dodgers fan got in on the action.

The kid was taking a photo with Uribe before Tuesday's game against the Mets when, before walking away, touches him on the arm with the ball to recreate Evan Longoria's tag during Uribe's embarrassing gaffe.

At first, an astonished Uribe glares at the boy before realizing his teammates put the little prankster up to the comical task.

It's pretty funny now but ... if they had lost.

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  1. wow very funny. thanks Uribe for taking the prank with humor. Lov the dodgers