Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First photos of Eli and Abby Manning's newest little Giant

A day after DIRECTV debuted Eli and Peyton Manning's rap video commercial, the New York Giants quarterback and his wife Abby had their new baby daughter's first photos published.

Eli — more than anyone —knows being the younger sibling to a star isn't easy, so when Abby took little Lucy Thomas Manning for a stroll around their Hoboken, N.J. neighborhood with her older sister Ava Frances on Tuesday, the six-week-old "rookie" followed her rappin' dad's lead and just studied the first-born, according to The New York Post.

Abby wore workout shorts and sneakers for her day out with their little girls and the public’s first look at well-behaved newborn, who reportedly didn’t utter a single shout-out from her stroller.

The 32-year-old Eli and his college-sweetheart wife welcomed Lucy to the world on June 17. Three-year-old Ava Frances was born in March 2010.

In an interview with Parents magazine last year, Eli said raising children brings a lot more surprises than any football game — even the Super Bowl.

“In terms of the Super Bowl, I know what to expect,” he said. “With parenting, this has been a brand-new experience. It’s life-changing. Every day, you learn something new.”

Lucy and Ava are members of football’s most famous family. Dad Eli has led the Giants to two Super Bowl wins, while uncle Peyton — quarterback of the Denver Broncos — won one title with the Colts.

And grandpa Archie played for 14 years in the NFL.

Eli Manning said he doesn’t care that he has girls and no boys.

“I think a lot of guys want a son because of all of the things they do while growing up,” he said. “Having a girl is a blast. I don’t care what happens down the road, as long as the children are healthy.”

One piece of advice. Stick to quarterbacking Lucy, a rap career just seems like a reach. Just sayin'.

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