Monday, August 19, 2013

Alex Rodriguez paid for Anthony Bosch's attorney: Report

Alex Rodriguez prepared us when he said the next seven weeks would be a "bumpy road" and we can expect "a story like this" every day — now it seems A-Rod might have run into a pothole that even his legal team can't fill.

The latest bombshell involving A-Rod, according to ESPN's "Outside the Lines," claims the embattled New York Yankees player made two payments for former Biogenesis chief Anthony Bosch's attorney. T.J. Quinn is reporting that the New York Yankees third baseman's retainer payments are part of the evidence Major League Baseball has proving he interfered with the PED investigation.

According to Quinn, Rodriguez paid a $25,000 retainer in February before a $50,000 wire transfer was rejected in April. A-Rod's camp says the second payment attempt was a mistake and asked for it to be returned. A spokesperson for Susy Ribero-Ayala, Bosch's attorney said this:

"A retainer was paid (via wire transfer) by a representative of Alex Rodriquez (sic). Ms. Ribero-Ayala accepted this payment on behalf of Anthony Bosch as payment for his legal representation," the statement says.

"In April 2013, Ms. Ribero-Ayala received an unsolicited and unwarranted wire transfer from A-Rod Corp. The funds were immediately returned. Mr. Rodriquez (sic) does not have any involvement in Mr. Bosch's legal representation."

MLB also has email exchanges discussing the second transfer. Ribero-Ayala said she was unaware why she had received the money and returned it upon request. Quinn says the evidence shows failed negotiations between A-Rod's camp and Bosch's attorney, at best. Neither side offered comment.

Rodriguez was suspended a record 211 games for his ties to Biogenesis earlier this month. He has appealed the ban and returned to playing third base for the Yankees. Fifty games is the typical penalty handed down to first time offenders, but A-Rod received more because he allegedly interfered with the investigation.

You're going to need a bigger shovel this time A-Rod.

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