Saturday, August 17, 2013

MLB's bat invasion continued at Target Field on Friday (VIDEO)

For the third time in 10 days, a bat has been spotted at a MLB stadium during a game — and not the Louisville Slugger variety. First, one of the flying mammals swooped down in Pittsburgh, another was carried off the field in Atlanta and one got up close and personal with Twins infielder Doug Bernier at Target Field in Minneapolis Friday night.

This little guy flitted around the infield for a while before heading back to its cave. No harm done during his short visit.

Why the sudden invasion of flying bug-eaters? Who knows — but let's remember they devour the even more pesky mosquito.

 Pretty soon Major League team's batboys (and girls) will need a degree in chiropterology.

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  1. haha it says before it headed back to its cave, a guy came out with a towel and picked it up and took it into the dugout, I am sure not to give it an escorted trip back to its gave!!