Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The girl from Ringu (The Ring) throws out creepiest first pitch ever (VIDEO)

Americans are used to seeing frightening celebrity first pitches (remember John Wall's murderous toss?) but this Japanese ceremonial pitch may be the creepiest ever.

Japanese movie fans may know her as Sadako — the girl from the series of classic psychological horror films which began with with the eerie "Ringu." It was one of the films that launched numerous American remakes of the J-Horror genre a decade ago.

While promoting "Sadako 3D2" (the most recent of many Ringu sequels) — which will be released at the end of this month — the spooky girl herself, and three lookalike minions, were on-hand to throw out the first pitch before Saturday's Chunichi Dragons-Hanshin Tigers NPB game in Japan.

Even through all of the hair — and that being a dead spirit thing — Sadako throws a pretty solid pitch before ending it with a face-plant and a free ride off the mound on a stretcher.

Sleep tight kids.

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