Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Terrifying moment racer's car goes up in flames — with him stuck inside (VIDEO)

A Pennsylvania race car driver had a terrifying brush with death during a recent race when flames engulfed his car —and he was still stuck inside.

Mike Stofflet was racing at the Mahoning Valley Speedway in Lehighton, Pa. Saturday, when his car flipped. Gasoline started to drip, pooling inside the car's frame, before they ignited and engulfed his car in flames. Stofflet clawed at his safety belts in an attempt to escape to no avail.

Workers came along and attempted to flip the car  — and that's when the flames spread, leaving Stofflet sitting in a car filled with fire and smoke. A video car-cam captured the tense, dramatic moments.

Somehow, Stofflet escaped serious injury  — and then he went on to finish fifth in the 25-lap race.

Stofflet later uploaded the video to YouTube and said he's learned something from his ordeal.

"Thanks everyone for your concern I'm doing well just my neck is a little stiff," he wrote, "and no I was not wearing a head sock. Thinking about getting one never thought I would need it."

A lesson burned into his brain.

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