Friday, August 16, 2013

Minor league pitcher saves face — literally — with quick reflexes

Minor league pitcher Daniel Norris of the Lansing Lugnuts (the Single-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays) avoided serious injury with his quick reflexes after a pitched ball shot back from the batter and straight at his head. The pitcher was able to catch the ball just inches from it slamming into his face.

Norris had tossed a pitch to the plate in Thursday's game and the ball shot right back at him, like a bullet off the bat of David Gonzalez of the West Michigan Whitecaps. It all happens so fast, but Norris' head looks like it's about to take a straight-on hit, until he snaps his glove in front of his face, catches the ball and falls to the ground. It all happens so quick —  and Gonzalez' frightened reaction and Norris' triumphant opening of his glove to reveal the ball emphasize a story could have ended badly.

But easily the best part is Norris' deep breath and moment of relief as he's laying there on the ground. 

This could have been so much worse.

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