Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Danny DeVito celebrates win with Dodgers' Nick Punto

Nick Punto gave Danny DeVito a small-sized Dodgers jersey with his name and No.7 on the back before Monday's game against the Mets. So what does The Shredder do — he goes out and hits his fifth home run of the season to help lead his team to a 4-2 victory over the visitors.

After his eighth-inning solo shot, Punto walked over to high-five his biggest fan next to the dugout.  DeVito looked a little like Louie DePalma behind his "Taxi" depot cage as he tried reach over for the double-handed shake.

After the game, the actor/producer/director walked over to Punto during an interview and showed more love to the shortstop with resounding cheers coming from the remaining fans in Dodger Stadium. 

They almost looked like Twins.

Only in LaLa Land.

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  1. I guess de vito is a nj walkaway.. forgot we have nj sports...