Tuesday, August 13, 2013

West beats East in high school game, then BOTH teams dog-pile on the mound (VIDEO)

It's nice to see teams celebrate a victory but it's rare to see the losing team join in on the fun with the winning squad. But that's exactly what happened when the West beat the East 8-6 in the Perfect Game All-American High School Classic at Petco Park Sunday.

After the last out was recorded, both the West and East teams quickly converged to the pitching mound to re-create the double dog-pile from a year ago, in what is proving to be a tradition at the 11-year-old series.

Shaking hands or high-fives after a game shows great sportsmanship, but this might be taking it to a whole different level.

As the video shows, the East players, seeing that the West were having so much fun after winning the championship for the third straight year, decided to join in on the mound celebration. It was a cool moment that showed these young players, win or lose, were simply grateful to be playing ball in a big league stadium at such a high level.

Only the guy on the bottom probably didn't think it was so great.

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