Monday, August 12, 2013

Fan who caught A-Rod home run ball willing to sell it back to slugger

Yankees fans sounded a little confused after Alex Rodriguez blasted his first home run since returning to the team last week. Some cheered, some booed and others were just settling in when A-Rod's solo shot sailed into the left-field seats Sunday.

One guy who was rooting for A-Rod did catch the slugger's perversely-notable home run ball during the Yankees 5-4 victory over the Tigers. The lucky New Jersey native thinks the third baseman is being wrongly targeted by Major League Baseball but would gladly sell the ball to the highest bidder —including A-Rod himself.

“I probably will sell it, to be honest with you, get the best price for it,” 41-year-old Craig Foskey said. “I’ll sell it back to [A-Rod] if he wants it.”

“You know what? I’m good with A-Rod,” Foskey told The New York Post. “I have no problems with A-Rod. If he cheated, he cheated like everyone else. He should get penalized like everyone else. I think his penalty is too harsh.”

That doesn’t mean Foskey plans on giving Rodriguez a Good Buddy Discount for the ball, assuming he wants it. And he’s not exactly going to root for A-Rod to hit any homers from here on out either.

“Get suspended for life,” he said jokingly. “That would be nice.”

Hmm. The last home run ball of A-Rod's tainted career —what would that be worth?

Foskey said it’s the luckiest moment of his life -- “if [the ball] is worth a lot of money.”

“I duck popcorn in hand — see, I didn’t lose any popcorn — so I duck and the ball literally hits the back of my chair over my head,” he said in his play-by-play. “It bounces next to me and my buddy tries to grab it with the guy in front of us, and it rolled back and I scooped it up.”

Foskey calls himself a Yankees fan — but far from a diehard. He said this was his second game of the year and he had never caught a foul ball before yesterday.

Asked how much money he would want for it, Foskey said he wasn’t sure, but he “would love to have a conversation” with Rodriguez.

So would a lot of people.

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