Saturday, August 17, 2013

Innovative beer 'Robo-Vendor' impresses Nationals Park baseball crowd (VIDEO)

This is one baseball stadium beer vendor who knows time is money — especially when the cutoff for serving suds usually comes before the seventh-inning stretch — and has done something to increase his profits.

A couple of fans videotaped this Nationals Park beer jockey with a home-made gizmo attached to his left hand that cuts the top off not just one but TWO cans of beer simultaneously making it easier and — more importantly — faster to pour the refreshing brews to thirsty fans who can't wait for it to dribble out of the standard sipping hole a single can at a time.

The impressed fans even came up with a name for the human can-opener and start chanting "Robo-Vendor Robo-Vendor" as he drains a couple of beers for them.

Coming soon to stadium near you —Robo-Vendors ... patent pending.

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