Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ecuadorian soccer player bites opponent's nose

In an Ecuadorian Serie A match, Deportivo Quevedo defender Edwin Hurtado got so angry that he bit Barcelona Sporting Club's Andres Franzoia on the nose. Franzoia caught one of Hurtado's teammates in the head with his arm as he fought for position on a corner kick. Hurtado then confronted Franzoia and bit at his nose, sending Franzoia to the ground in agony.

Even though it wasn't clear if Hurtado's teeth actually made contact with Franzoia's honker, he still did the prerequisite soccer flop .

Perhaps it was Hurtado's way of showing solidarity with Luis Suarez during his hold out for a transfer, but both he and Franzoia ended up getting sent off in the 0-0 draw.

In the U.S.,we usually prefer the Three Stooges-style nose bop.

[Yahoo! Sports]

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