Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Girardi miffed at fans cheering A-Rod getting hit by pitch (VIDEO)

Alex Rodriguez's return to the New York Yankees lineup has been met with about as much warmth as one would expect the scandalized third baseman's comeback could muster — especially in front of the Chicago home crowd.

After Monday night's barrage of boos in his 2013 major league debut, A-Rod finally got a little love from Chi-town — even if it came attached to a 93-mph fastball to the elbow from White Sox hurler Chris Sale.

Rodriguez was grazed by a Sale pitch in the third inning. And the fans who had booed Rodriguez for two nights, finally got to sarcastically cheer the Yankees' pariah. 

Afterwards, a miffed Yankees manager Joe Girardi scolded the mean fans.

"There is something wrong with that," he said after his team's 3-2 loss to the Chicago White Sox. "I often think it starts from the adults. If it were their child would they want him to be hit? Because the kids are only going to repeat what the adults do." 

Said Rodriguez of the cheers: "I didn't hear that. It was the weirdest thing. I forgot to put my elbow pad on — probably the first time in 2,000 at-bats. Walking up to the plate, I said, 'Whatever you do, don't get hit in the elbow.' On the second pitch, I got hit on the elbow. I couldn't believe it. I love the fans in Chicago." 

Rodriguez claimed the ball barely hit him.

Wait until Girardi hears the home town fans at a packed Yankee Stadium Friday night. Time to bring out the ear muffs.


  1. I think A- Rod should bow out of baseball he just gives the game a bad name. look at all the other great players that came before him they didn't need drugs to perform they came by it by working hard. drugs in any sport is bad. makes a person not want to watch sports anymore

    1. well said, the guys a cheat and a bum.

    2. Yea, cuz Pete Rose and many others never used Amphetimines, got caught with cocaine, or anything else in previous years... Or threw spitters, sharpened their spikes to take guys out in slides... Cheaters never existed until drugs that are "claimed" to enhance performance. If you can find a drug that does more than help me heal or build muscle and provide the ability for better hand/eye coordination or better thinking ahead of pitchers, let me know what it is. I'll sell it to players! I think they'd rather out think their opponent and have better hand eye coordination to get around on 100mph fastballs. Just my two cents...since we all know brawn and healing don't really make you a better hitter or pitcher. It just allows you to show up and work in better shape to collect those millions.

  2. A Rod is a joke and should be forced to give back his awards cause he sure didn't earn them legally. look Armstrong with the bike trophy's. he is no different he cheated just as a Rod did. never liked the Yankees anyway gives me more reason not to watch when they play. I feel sorry for his teammates and what they truly think but it's not just him. This should have happened a long time ago. If you got talent to be in the majors then earn it the right way by honest hard work. after all look at the pay you get why be dishonest to the fans and yourself.