Thursday, August 8, 2013

Woman goes for an eye-popping ride on autocross course (VIDEO)

Sometimes getting in the passenger seat of a car is an adventure in itself but, when this woman rode shotgun in an autocross competition in San Diego, little did she know it would be such an eye-opening eye-popping experience.

After this young lady gave a quiet "ready" at the start of her timed run, she didn't scream, yell or utter a single word on the course — but her eyes speak volumes of her terrifying one minute ride.

As the vehicle accelerates around the track, braking hard, skidding from left to right, handling long fast turns and slower hair pins, her face hilariously shows us how she is feeling.

The video is taken using a GoPro positioned inside a car taking part in the San Diego Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) autocross competition.

The autocross circuit tests drivers' ability to handle hurdles experienced in everyday driving.

In the footage, the view out of the back window shows the car almost spinning 180 degrees at one point, adding to the terror in the woman's bulging eyes.

This autocross event, also known as the Solo event, is timed and competitors race against each other.

Amazingly, the woman ends the race just as quietly and calmly as she started it. 

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