Sunday, August 11, 2013

Doc Gooden evicted from New Jersey mansion: Report

Dwight "Doc" Gooden's struggles in life keep on piling up after it was reported that the former Major League Baseball star is being evicted from the New Jersey mansion he was renting after allegedly falling months behind in his rent.

What makes the situation even sadder — Gooden's estranged wife was living in the home with their two young children — all who were all forced to leave in July, when officials enforced the eviction, reports TMZ.

According to court documents obtained by the gossip site, Gooden and his family moved in to the home back in  September 2011 — and agreed to pay $4,500 per month in rent. 

But things started going bad in March — after Dwight's wife got a restraining order against the former phenom following a domestic dispute — forcing Doc to move out. 

The homeowners claim Doc's family stayed in the home all of March, April, May and June -- but they never got a check from the Goodens for any of those months — adding up to a hefty debt in back rent.

Legal documents were filed against Gooden — demanding the back rent plus penalties, totaling more than $18,984. The homeowners also want legal fees. 

The court also granted the landlord's permission to evict the Goodens -- and on July 11, Gooden's family was forced out of the home. It's unclear where they're living now. Gooden didn't respond to TMZ's request to comment.

The one-time best pitcher in baseball recently penned a brutally honest book about his decades-long battle with drugs, rehabilitation and the downward spiral his life took after he won the '86 World Series Championship with the New York Mets. "Doc: A Memoir" hit the shelves in June.

Let's hope he can add a happy chapter after this sad development.

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