Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cruz explains shortened salsa dance: 'It's just preseason, so I didn't want to two-step'

New York Giants wideout Victor Cruz missed almost everything the team did this off season because  he didn't have a contract and, according to head coach Tom Coughlin, came to camp a little "rusty."

Now Cruz has a $43 million contract but might still have a little lingering rust in his joints — at least when it comes to his post-touchdown dancing.

After completing 57-yard TD catch-and-run from Eli Manning, Victor Cruz started his salsa celebration and then waved his hands and cut short the dance. It had fans wondering what gives?

"Yeah, it’s just preseason so I didn’t want to two-step, I didn’t want to give it the full gambit just yet just because it’s the preseason,'' Cruz said after the Giants' 18-13 preseason opening victory over the Steelers. "The salsa is still going strong.''

The vintage catch-and-run by Cruz spiced up what was a pretty pedestrian outing by the G-Men.  Even though Cruz' dance lacked his usual flair, he looked like he's shaken off most of the rust otherwise.

"I think [Polamalu] was thinking I was going to break off the route, so I just went vertical and Eli threw a great pass to me that I was able to take in for the touchdown," Cruz said. "It’s great to be on the same page with your quarterback, and Eli and I work hard on that. When things are clicking, you really get the results you want."

Cruz can do the Charleston for all Giants fans care — as long as he and Eli still waltz together like that a couple times a game.

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