Thursday, October 22, 2015

Terry Collins sprays Mets fans with champagne after team sweeps Cubs (VIDEO)

A small group of Mets fans got to be part of an amazing celebration after their team beat the Cubs, 8-3, to clinch a World Series berth in Chicago Wednesday night.

To show his appreciation for their away game support, Mets manager Terry Collins made the loyal fans part of the team's celebration when he playfully sprayed them with champagne as they chanted, "Let's go Mets" behind their Wrigley Field dugout after the game.

It's been 15 years since a Mets team won a pennant, so the fans also chanted the manager's name, "Terry Collins," in gratitude as well.

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  1. TC is a class act. We Mets fans grilled him most of the first half of the year and all of the last two years. He deserves this and a new contract for another two years if he wants it. Sandy, also, shut up all his critics and me too for thinking he was asleep at the switch, all the while he was waiting on the best deals for the team. Common Mets finish the deal and keep the grand story going with the appropriate ending - take it all in the WS. Whattayear-fugghettaboutit !