Thursday, October 1, 2015

Helpful dolphin retrieves a Miami Heat dancer's iPhone from the bottom of the ocean (VIDEO)

Talk about a dolphin with some slick moves. This bottle-nosed Romeo showed why he's all mammal and no fish.

Miami Heat dancer Teressa Cee had left her phone with a friend on a boat while diving with dolphins off the coast of the Bahamas, but he accidentally dropped the device into the ocean.

Not to worry, dolphin Cacique saw the phone sink and dived to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve it.

The clever dolphin eventually emerged with the phone in its beak and gave it back to one of the men on the boat.

He then hands it back to bikini-clad Cee, who seems almost as delighted as Cacique that it had been rescued from swimming with the fishes.

Cee then shared her story with the 40,000 people who like her Facebook page:

Maybe Cacique thought she was a Dolphins cheerleader. Well, if Cee wasn't, she is now.

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