Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NYC mayor trash talks LA mayor over Chase Utley after Mets win Game 3

You don't even have to be a Mets fan to call Chase Utley's Game 2 "slide" a little off-base. And since politicians are well known for jumping on popular bandwagons — and what bigger one than the Mets these days in the town you preside over — New York  mayor Bill de Blasio took the opportunity to press the social media flesh with a few thousand Metsies.

Following the Mets blowout Game 3 win over the Dodgers, de Blasio took to Twitter to send some shade in the direction of Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti.

And what better target than New York City's new No. 1 villain.

Obviously the whole "don't play dirty" is a reference to Utley's take out side in Game 2, which broke Ruben Tejada's leg.

Utley did not play in Game 3, after MLB disciplinary czar Joe Torre for suspended the Dodgers second baseman for two games, pretty much to the disappointment of Mets fans at Citi Field. But it only helped ramp up de Blasio's bluster after his Mets took a two games to one lead in the best-of-five series.

Before the playoff series began, Garcetti and de Blasio made a friendly wager involving a Mike Piazza jersey and reading some mean tweets.

Here's the video:
Di Blasio hasn't won too many of his political battles, but he at least has a chance with the Mets.

Game 4 is Tuesday night at Citi Field.

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