Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kevan Miller gets decision against Joe Vitale in Bruins' first fight (VIDEO)

Don't let the Bruins' clean slate of fighting majors so far this season give you the notion that the Beantown brawlers have become more passive.

No sir.

That passivity ended in grand style during Saturday's contest against the Arizona Coyotes when
Arizona forward Joe Vitale grabbed a hold of Bruins defenseman Kevan Miller. The two first shared some unpleasant words before Vitale, probably now regretfully, dropped his gloves. 

Here's video of the NHL's season's most exciting scrap to date with blow-by-blow commentary from the Bruins announcer Jack Edwards:

Vitale might have destroyed Miller's collar hanging on to his dignity, but his opponent gets the TKO.

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