Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Giants fan gets laid out with two punches by Eagles fan after game (VIDEO)

Eli Manning wasn't the the only one who got knocked out in Philadelphia Monday night. An Eagles fan also had his way with a man in No. 10. 

A Giants fan wearing a bright red  Manning jersey got waylaid by an Eagles fan in the aftermath of Monday night’s 27-7 loss, according to footage posted to YouTube.

The video, shot in a Philadelphia transit station, shows an Eagles fan trailing a couple of Giants fans repeatedly saying, “C’mon now.”

VIDEO WARNING: Naughty language and Eagles fans

One of the Giants fans finally turns around, telling the persistent Eagles goon to "F--k off" before getting laid out with two punches. It appears the larger Eagles fan then spat on the stunned Manning fan as he walked by.
 That's the City of Brotherly Love in case you didn't know.

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