Thursday, October 29, 2015

Don Mattingly hired as Miami Marlins manager: Report

The Miami Marlins have hired Don Mattingly to be their next manager, according to a person with knowledge of the situation who is not yet authorized to speak publicly.

Mattingly's  deal is for four years, according to the source. He will become the club's eighth manager since 2010. The Marlins are reportedly waiting until after the World Series to make a formal announcement, reported

Mattingly will move to Miami from Los Angeles, where the former Yankees star managed the Dodgers for the past five seasons. Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria grew up in New York as a Yankees fan.

During his time in Los Angeles,  Mattingly guided the team through a bankruptcy filing and an ownership change, and led the club to a 446-363 record. Mattingly managed to keep his job when general manager Ned Colletti was replaced by Andrew Friedman last October, and he went on to lead the Dodgers to their third straight NL West title. 

But after a disappointing first round playoff exit, the Dodgers and Mattingly mutually agreed to part ways last week. Mattingly is still under contract with L.A. for another year, and the Dodgers said they would pay him the remaining money he is owed. It is not yet clear if the Dodgers will be paying part of his salary next season now that he has landed a new job. Los Angeles has not yet hired a manager to replace him.

It is also unclear if Mattingly will be taking his coaching staff from Los Angeles with him to Miami.

But Donnie Baseball will always have this little incident with Andre Ethier in the NLDS to carry with him:

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