Wednesday, October 7, 2015

85-year-old Yankees fan takes parting shot at A-Rod in obituary

Alex Rodriguez's comeback season ended with boos at Yankee Stadium after he struck out against the Astros Luke Gregerson in Tuesday night's AL Wild Card Game.

And if that was a slightly louder boo you heard from above, you might be right.

A-Rod did almost everything right to gain back the trust and affection of Yankees fans after his steroid suspension in 2014, but one Yankee fan by the name of Helen Fowler wants him to know that she will never be a fan of his — even on her deathbed.

Fowler recently died at the age of 85 and used her obituary in the Star Ledger on Sept. 30 to take one last parting shot at the Yankees pariah.

In the middle of the obit it reads: "Mrs. Fowler was a former member of the Cranford First Aid Squad and a lifelong Yankees fan, with the exception of Alex Rodriguez." 

The obituary website also includes a audio version which lets you hear her dissing A-Rod in a computerized voice that hilariously mispronounces Rodriguez's last name.

At least old Helen didn't go out with a whiff. 

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