Thursday, October 22, 2015

Raging bull jumps into stands and gores fans who teased it at bullfight (VIDEO)

A group of Peruvian bullfight fans found out what it's like to be behind the red cape when an angry bull jumped over the barriers of a bullring and ran wild in the stands, causing injury to at least 20 people.

The wild change of perspective took place during the closing of a traditional feast to celebrate the patron saint of Taraco, in the province of Huancane, Puno.

The video showed the distressed animal charging at the stands in response to the spectators, who could be seen provoking it by throwing objects and beer at it. Suddenly the bull runs towards the barricade, leaping into a crowd of people after clearing the security barrier.

Screaming can be heard as the frenzied bull begins running wild among the stands while terrified spectators jump into the ring and even climb stadium poles to escape the rampaging animal.

According to local publication Canal N, several people were gored by the animal although none were seriously injured.

The newspaper reported that prior to the event, none of the bull fighters had wanted to fight that bull due to its ferocity.

Bullfighting is a popular sport in Peru with around 540 fights being held in the country every year. 

This event is now being investigated by authorities.

The fate of the bull is unknown, but you can probably guess what it is.

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