Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Manhattan bar changes name to 'Daniel Murphy's Pub & Restaurant' during World Series

After Daniel Murphy broke the MLB postseason record for home runs in consecutive games, the Mets second baseman became the most talked about sports figure around New York City bar stools. So it seemed only natural that at least one NYC pub would honor the slugger who was on everyone's beer-drenched tongues.

And with a name like Murphy, what better way to pay tribute than naming an Irish pub after the sports hero.

At least during the World Series.

And this week, one of the most well-known baseball bars in the city announced the name change on their website, as a new banner with Murphy's name was unfurled across the bar's facade.

Foley's owner Shaun Clancy, who is from Ireland and markets his Manhattan restaurant as "an Irish bar with a baseball attitude," said that the fact that Murphy is Irish American made honoring him even more applicable.

"Daniel Murphy is having a month, or two weeks, for the ages," Clancy said.

And while pundits claim chances of the Mets keeping Murphy after the World Series are slim, Yankees fans drowning in their Guinness can only hope Brian Cashman is once again tending bar at the establishment if Murphy stops by.

Photo by Tony Mangia
Who knows? Maybe the GM can give the free-agent Murphy a buy-back and a contract.

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