Friday, October 23, 2015

MLB looks to end on-field champagne celebrations: Report

Major League Baseball, seemingly taking a lead from that No Fun League, had a message to teams that carry their postseason champagne celebrations onto the field to spray fans: Don't pop that cork outside.

MLB, concerned that such celebratory interaction in the stands is getting out of control and poses potential danger for fans, especially young ones, claimed there could even be disciplinary action involved.

After the Mets clinched the NLCS in Game 4 on Wednesday night, officials stopped several players at the door of the visitors' clubhouse at Wrigley Field and asked them not to go onto the field carrying champagne bottles.

Some players were annoyed, but soon after, manager Terry Collins was on the field spraying a few dozen jubilant Mets fans — who seemed to love every spritz from the bottle.

It was not clear whether Collins had any idea that MLB had been trying to curtail such behavior.

But Collins' celebration was shared widely on social media and further cemented his popularity among the Mets faithful.

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