Tuesday, October 6, 2015

CC Sabathia's weekend bender at Baltimore hotel led to rehab: Report

Even with three seasons of declining play and a couple of controversial off-the-field incidents this summer, it came as a real shock to everyone Monday when Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia suddenly announced he was headed to rehab instead of joining his teammates in postseason play.

And what led the one-time Yankees ace's decision to dry out? According to a New York Post source, was a weekend-long bender during the team's final road trip to Baltimore was the turning point.

“His drinking got really bad this weekend, and it put him in a really bad place,” said a source close to the team.
      “He was afraid. He felt that if I don’t do this now and go into rehab, I don’t know what is               going to happen.”

The last straw, according to sources, was when Sabathia arrived at the Yankees' team hotel (the Four Seasons) in Baltimore and "spent most of his time pounding drinks" there, looking "out of it" on Friday while the Yankees waited out an eventual rainout at Camden Yards.

It was even worse than that claimed the source:
"He drank every day last week apart from the day he pitched. The tipping point was Friday when he was at the stadium. He carried on drinking Saturday. ... His drinking got really bad this weekend, and it put him in a really bad place. He was afraid. He felt that if I don't do this now and go into rehab, I don't know what is going to happen."
A bartender there told The Post he didn’t personally see CC, but said “We have a strict policy. Whenever sports teams or big names come in, We give them whatever they need, no questions.

“We have 24 hour room service here,” he added. “Whatever happens in their private room is out of our control.”

The 35-year-old Sabathia, a father of four, made the announcement the day before the Bombers’ do-or-die wild-card game Tuesday against the Houston Astros at Yankee Stadium.

Sabathia was known for helping bring in alcohol for celebrations, including the champagne for Thursday's playoff spot clinching moment and for Alex Rodriguez reaching 3,000 hits for his career.

Sabathia will spend a minimum of 30 days in a Connecticut facility and will miss the entire postseason.

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