Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lightning's Tyler Johnson denies even knowing cheating woman from 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' interview (VIDEO)

Tyler Johnson made an unexpected — and now we know unwanted — cameo on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday night — and he is pretty mad about it.

A segment on the show asked people on Hollywood Boulevard to name the most impressive thing they’ve done, and one giggling blond revealed that she scored with the Tampa Bay Lighting center without her boyfriend ever knowing about it.

Until now.

“It’s an old boyfriend, not the one I’m with now,” the woman says. “... Sorry, Ben.”

The attractive young lady admits that the thing she is most proud of is cheating on an old boyfriend and him not finding out. Well, at least she was impressed by it.

When asked who she cheated with, the woman responds that it was a hockey player for Florida. Then she corrects herself and says Tampa Bay.

She then says the player's initials are T.J. When the interviewer guesses Tyler Johnson, she becomes flustered and clams up.

“OK, I have to go,” she said with a laugh.

On Tuesday, Erik Erlendsson of the Tampa Tribune tweeted a response from Johnson:

Even Kimmel seemed surprised by the woman’s unabashed admission of the fling.

“Sorry, Tyler,” apologized the host.

But if that's the most impressive thing she's ever done, I wouldn't worry about it Tyler.

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