Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Woman plasters 5,000 flyers around Michigan campus claiming Jabrill Peppers gave her chlamydia ... twice: Report

Jabrill Peppers, the second-year star safety at Michigan, became the subject of some nasty Internet rumors this week when a student reportedly posted thousands of flyers throughout a UM campus building this week claiming the football player gave her chlamydia twice in the last year.

In a 660-word letter addressed to Peppers, the woman claims that she believed they were in a monogamous relationship at the time she is accusing him of giving her the STD, which can cause permanent damage to a woman's reproductive system if left untreated. 

The accusations went viral after a Twitter user named @gaytee uploaded a photo of the letter along with the caption, "Posted in the girls bathroom at UMich. @ Jabrill Peppers." 

The passionate and expletive-filled letter was copied 5,000 times and passed around one of the university's main classroom buildings, Mason Hall, according to Barstool Sports.  

She explains that Peppers not only gave her the STD once, but that he infected her with it twice in the last year. 

"I cannot stomach to see your face again knowing that you're infecting other young women unbeknownst to them, which as you may know, is a felony," she wrote.

Later she calls the Wolverine safety a "despicable piece of s***." 

"I hope you can feel the hatred coursing through my veins for you. I hope you rot in hell. I don't wish too hard though because you're sending yourself down that road all by yourself," she wrote. 

The former New Jersey high school star was quick to defend himself on Twitter, claiming the letter is "slander."

"The slander is crazy. My word is all I have, I will continue to walk w. my chest and chin high. People love bringing someone down. #prayedup," he wrote:

The woman finishes off her letter telling Peppers to warn his "girlfriend" about the STD and tells the football star that he "should have known better than to try to f***. Me. Over."

What's that saying? Fool me once ....

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