Monday, October 19, 2015

Al Michaels throws shade on 'DeflateGate' mention prop bet (VIDEO)

The New England Patriots-Indianapolis Colts game was one of the most anticipated of the season — partly because of the Tom Brady-Andrew Luck rematch but mostly because of that whole DeflateGate thing.

And an online sportsbook offered a prop bet on how many times the word "DeflateGate" — or a reasonable facsimile thereof — would be mentioned on NBC’s "Sunday Night Football" broadcast during the game.

Al Michaels, NBC’s lead play-by-play broadcaster for the NFL, became aware of such a wager and made sure to mention the D-word on air not just once, but four times in a rapid fire sequence: “DeflateGate, DeflateGate, DeflateGate, DeflateGate” taking the air out of the whole bet.

The over/under was 2.5.

Michaels then added, “Four. You won the over.”

Wonder how many of Michaels' buddies cashed in on that one?

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